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Why Choose Get Up N Go

Fun, Motivating, Cost Effective

Have you always wanted the motivation of a personal trainer without the expense?

Have you always felt intimidated by large gyms full of lots of people?

Get Up N Go offers a really different gym experience. We specialise in running semi-private personal training (SPT) and the gym is only used by clients who are being trained, so no drop-ins are allowed. SPT means that you train in small groups but you all have your own bespoke training plan, groups are made up of 2 to 4 people. Training in a small group has a lot of benefits, it provides a relaxed and social atmosphere and can help to keep you motivated, plus it's more fun to have other people training alongside you

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Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-private training (SPT) involves training in small groups of up to 4 people, where each person is instructed through their own bespoke programme. The programme is designed by the trainer specifically for that individual to ensure they are working out to achieve their goals and is designed to meet the members ability

Benefits of SPT

Cost effective - the benefit of having a trainer designing your programme and instructing you through the workout without paying 1-2-1 prices
Fun and sociable
Make new friends
Added motivation

Exclusive Use of the Gym Facility

Get Up N Go only opens up for personal training sessions. There is no do-it-yourself membership and therefore always a maximum of 4 people training at one time
No waiting for equipment to become available or spending hours running on the treadmill when one finally becomes available

Friendly and Welcoming Environment

If you ask our members what they enjoy the most about our gym the majority will say it's the people they meet and the friends they make here that keeps them coming back

We don't just offer your own personalised training programme but you will also get the chance to meet local people you may not otherwise meet and develop new friendships along the way

Why Get Up N Go: Features
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